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Carnival of P2P Lending #9

Welcome to the 9th addition of the Carnival of Peer to Peer Lending

Editor’s Picks:
P2P-Loans.com presents P2P Lending Grows in Popularity as Banks Slow Lending (Are Individual Lenders Suckers or Savvy?) posted at P2P-Loans.com.

Pinyo presents Why Borrowers With Bad Credit Pay A Higher Interest Rates posted at Moolanomy.

LazyMan presents I Borrowed Money On Zopa. Here’s Why… posted at Lazy Man and Money.

Good Information:
Doug Fuller presents Prosper Debt Sale Update posted at Official Prosper Blog.

Wiseclerk presents MyC4 with new look – currency risk now to be covered by lender posted at P2P-Banking.com.

Rate Ladder presents How Lending Club Deals With 121+ Days Late posted at P2P Lending.

Calling for Articles for Next Carnival of Peer to Peer Lending

The deadline for submission to the next carnival of peer to peer lending is June 1st.

RateLadder will be hosting the next carnival.

To submit your article do At the main Carnival Site: http://blogcarnival.com/bc/cprof_3148.html

Here are the past carnivals…

  1. Lazy Man 
  2. Brip Blap
  3. Rate Ladder
  4. Prosper Lending Review
  5. The Amatureist Financial Journey
  6. Cash Money Life
  7. Moolanomy
  8. Rocket Finance

Also if you are interested in hosting the carnival after next please contact Lazy Man.

The Carnival of P2P Lending #4

Prosper Lending Review has published the 4th carnival of P2P Lending. It was the largest p2p lending carnival yet.  RateLadder was happy to be included with my article on Prosper Taxes.

Here were my favorite articles of the carnival…

6 Ways To Manage The Risk of Peer to Peer Lending

5 ways to help get a prosper loan funded

Is Person to Person Lending Safe?

Peer Lending Lessons From the Dating World – Lending Club CEO Interview

Carnival of P2P Lending #3

The p2p lending online evolution is gaining steam.  And the carnival of p2p lending is on the 3rd edition. 

Editor’s Pick:

Ben presents Why Borrow from a Bank when you can Prosper? posted at Money Smart Life.

Here are the rest grouped by major marketplace: 


Cash Money Life presents Prosper – The Ebay of Person to Person Lending posted at Cash Money Life

Amanda (Me vs Debt) presents Prosper Debt Consolidation Loan – Tips for Potential Borrowers posted at Me vs Debt.

RateLadder presents 5 Tips for Managing your Active Listing posted at Rate Ladder.

(This is probably the weakest of all the articles that made the cut… only tangentially related to p2p lending through the Prosper referral program.) Living Off Dividends presents How I made $1921.11 In Passive Income Last Month posted at Living Off Dividends.

Lending Club: 

Jason presents Extensive Lending Club Review with screen shots posted at The Amatureist Financial Journey.

rocketc presents My foray into peer to peer lending posted at rocket finance.

Lazy Man presents Lending Club Gets a Makeover posted at Lazy Man and Money.


Patrick presents What is Peer to Peer Lending? posted at Cash Money Life.

Prosper Blog presents How to Determine How Much of Your Portfolio Should be Allocated to Peer-to-Peer Lending posted at The Prosper Blog.

I want to thank everyone who participated in sending in an article. For those looking submit an article for the next edition, you can do so here.

Carnival of Personal Finance #87

I submitted my post about using Prosper.com Lenders Unite: Where is our Interest?

Thanks to 2 Million for Hosting.

Here is a link to the Carnival: http://www.bloggingawaydebt.com/2007/02/presenting-the-74th-carnival-of-debt-reduction/

74th Carnival of Debt Reduction

I submitted my post about using Use Prosper.com to Repair Your Credit.  

Thanks to Tricia at Blogging Away Debt for Hosting.

Here is a link to the Carnival: http://www.bloggingawaydebt.com/2007/02/presenting-the-74th-carnival-of-debt-reduction/

RateLadder.com in First Carnival — Carnival of Investing Super Bowl Edition

Carnival of Investing Super Bowl Edition…  I submitted my highly popular (on reddit anyway) Use Prosper and get a 312% Increase over a CD Ladder for Your Emergency Fund.

For those of you that are new to my site, please look around.  I spend quite a bit of time thinking, analysing, and writing about Prosper using my own experience as a foil.

Thanks to Money Smart Life for hosting.

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